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Wherein the author rambles on

If you are anything like me, you will have spent many hundreds of hours squirming, cursing or simply giving up, giving in, and reaching for the bottle while in front of a movie screen these past n years. A natural and healthy response to the lackluster offerings of the film industry one might argue, or an overly invested attitude bordering on obsession my therapist does argue. Perhaps you have even begun to lose hope; in movies, art, beauty, humanity, even (it is true) life itself.

Because movies are something more than idle entertainment, more than something in the background as you narc out after a days work. It is something to feed your very soul. An elusive and esoteric substance of moving pictures and sounds and in it is contained the earnestness, feeling, timing, movement, intelligence, beauty, color and sound that make you come alive with the joy of being human! In theory…

When a film is lacking in artistic qualities, when there is nothing of mystery, nothing of paradox, no real wonderment or terror, nothing of organic worth but is instead only an extension of the machine of Moloch¹, well, then it is neither nourishment for the soul nor intellect but closer to something of a poison, a stupefying drug. These days getting that artistic fix is not altogether easy, all the while seemingly everyone not only do not react to the frankly offensively bad cinematic fare served for general consumption, most of them love it. Disgusting.

Within these hallowed pages undersigned will do you a solid by churning the milk and letting you sample the cream. Good, even barely decent movies are hard to come by in these mediocrity-saturated times but not now, not here.

This site will stand as a little temple to all that is decent, good and honorable in the world of moving images. There is something for everyone here, but not everything is.

This is a work in progress since late September of 2016 and content will be added continuously. Be sure to check out the Movies page.


¹Check out Part II of this