Black Mirror White Christmas

Black Mirror: White Christmas (2014, imdb)
1h 14m
Horror, Nightmare, Sci-fi
Directed by Carl Tibbetts
Written by Charlie Brooker

Excellent stuff this. While that wouldn’t surprise anyone in the know (anyone who’ve seen the previous two groundbreaking UK mini-series Black Mirror), this special might have slipped past some people. In any case it deserves attention. Since 2011 Black Mirror has been almost completely alone in outputting quality pictures in the sci-fi setting. This movie is a special of that series and a continuation of this brief tradition of excellent quality (it ended with Netflix and the third season) and it’s quite the mindfuck, to use some of that quaint old 60’s terminology.

At 1h 14m it’s short and very sweet.

Black Mirror: White Christmas is skilfully written by Charlie Brooker, the creator of the entire show of Black Mirror. As an aside Brooker also wrote comedy series Nathan Barley (2005, imdb), mandatory viewing for anyone uncertain of how to be cool in the Internet-age – or for any aspiring self facilitating media-node. Out of many strong points of this movie Brookers sharp pen is the strongest one.


John Hamm does a fine job in the lead.


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