Updated 19 Nov 2016


Collateral (2004, imdb)
Action, New Brutal Action
Directed by Michael Mann
Technical advisor (choreography) by Mick Gould
Choreography by Fatima Robinson
Art Direction by Daniel T. Dorrance

This is a Michael Mann movie and that always translates to beautiful and stylistic, impactful and no-frills. Often a Mann picture will regrettably also have a certain hollowness to it like with the Miami Vice movie or perhaps even Heat. Something one hears a lot in the same breath are the words “Michael Mann” and “style over substance”.

Well it seems the old boy finally went all the way in. His perseverance in the study of style paid off spectacularly here, as it is said that a fool which persists in his folly shall become wise, perhaps, somehow, Michael Mann persisted in the folly of style and it became transmogrified into substance.

Collateral is a darkly beautiful film draped in night time L.A. images, the action scenes and general choreography have a taut and realistic dynamic under former British Special Forces dude Mick Gould’s sage counsel. The acting by Jamie Coxx and Tom Cruise is just right. In fact it may very well be Cruise’s best role ever. Enjoy.


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