Children of Men


“Let’s listen to some classical music”

Children of Men (2006, imdb)
Drama, Sci-fi, Action
Directed by Alfonso Cuarón
Written by P.D. James (novel) and Alfonso Cuarón (screenplay) et al.

If good movies in general are hard to come by, finding good new sci-fi is nothing short of an exercise in Sisyphean futility, only enjoyable to the most entrenched of masochists like yours truly.  Sure a few of the all-time photoplay masterpieces are set in a sci-fi setting (Alien, Blade Runner, Ghost in the Shell, Holy Mountain etc) but that is a meager consolation for the aficionado looking for new fare.

Enter Children of Men – the one modern classic. Set in the dystopia of a world with no children (just like ours if you substitute “new children” with “new good sci-fi movies”) wherein mankind are collectively unable to conceive and the youngest person alive is eighteen years old. The bleak reality of this dreadful scenario has tipped the world of people all topsy-turvy and forced them to suffer great social unrest, violent extremism, other violence, desperation, depression, madness and a system in general collapse. Enjoy.


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