Eat Drink Man Woman

Eat Drink Man Woman, 飲食男女 (1994, imdb);
Drama, Masterpiece
Directed by Ang Lee
Written by Ang Lee and James Schamus

Ang Lee made Brokeback Mountain, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, The Life of Pi, The Ice Storm, Pushing Hands and more, but it’s clear to me and any observer with a functioning heart that he made his best movie before he ever came to Hollywood. A film which fluidly, leisurely, with universal appeal and hopefulness is a testament in praise of being human, of love and of the choices people struggle with.

This movie is about a Taipei family, the father a master chef of Chinese cuisine, three adult daughters, family friends, the school of one of the daughters etc. What it’s about is not important even though the story is impeccably engaging, it is simply a film that is more than the sum of it’s faultless parts, a masterpiece of contemporary cinema, a mundane hint to the secret of life’s blessings.

The opening of the movie, spoiler free and right here.


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