Jacob’s Ladder

Jacob’s Ladder (1990, imdb)
Horror, Nightmare
Directed by Adrian Lyne
Written by Bruce Joel Rubin


Don’t you worry little baby, the film is not black and white. Tim Robbins and Elizabeth Pena.

I recently found out that they are remaking this movie. There is something weak and unpalatable to the concept of remakes. The concept of remakes and especially the remake-craze of current times. Weak since iẗ́’s an artistically hollow endeavor because the purpose of remake is to make them sweet dollars. Unpalatable because of empirics, fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. There is plenty of shame going around by now let me tell you.

So, since remakes are usually not very good, and even when they are decent™, they are seldom better than the original (barring some notable exceptions), making them redundant and offensive to the artistic sensibilities.

Jacob’s ladder is a wonderful movie. It’s not a remake. Starring Tim Robbins and the lovely Elizabeth Peña (whom you all will remember from John Sayles’ Lone Star) and a bunch of other good actors. Nevertheless the actors are in touch competition here, and I’m of two minds as to what the biggest star of the movie is, the script or it’s rendition of a terrificly menacing 80’s New York. What do you think? Give it a spin and let us know.

Malign, gritty, dark and terribly outlandish. A real horror classic and a rare original movie (and increasingly so).


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