Blood Father

Blood Father (2016, imdb)
Directed by Jean-François Richet

Jean-François Richet is known for the Mesrine movies of 2008 (1, 2).
This movie has Gibson starring as the titular father and where there is a father it rather follows that there must be progeny and the role is filled by deuteragonist Erin Moriarty. She is in a jam after running away from the custodial mother and getting mixed up in Bad Business, which is further compounded to the point of acute desperation early on in the movie. The father, an ex-criminal, ex-con and ex-alcoholic with the good fortune of having a nice guy like William H. Macy as AA sponsor and trailer park buddy is sought out by the daughter and this is where the movie kicks off.


Its a damn shame that a decent movie like this got buried, for one reason or another it went practically straight to video with extremely limited screenings while plothole-ridden nonsensical should’ve-been-abortions like Criminal (2016, imdb) is shown at thousands of screens. Don’t even get me started on theorizing how they roped in all those usually competent actors to star in such a shit-show (kidnapping of relatives, general blackmail and probably MKULTRA style mind-control) so please watch Blood Father instead.


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