Get The Gringo

Get The Gringo (2012, imdb)
Directed by Adrian Grünberg

Get The Gringo is a 2012 offering, co-written by  director Adrian Grünberg, Stacy Perskie and Mel Gibson. Some cross referencing of IMDb tells us that Grünberg and Perskie both have worked with Gibson flicks Edge of Darkness and Apocalypto in First and Second Assistant Director capacities respectively.

This is the directors first and only directorial credit but don’t let that scare you off, it is a fine movie in all capacities. Previously and afterwards he has been prolific in the role of First Assistant Director and has worked on hard-hitting projects like Jarhead, Man on Fire and recent hit-series Narcos. Mad Mel plays Driver, your ordinary cheeky and grumpy career criminal who ends up in a Mexican prison and must grift, lie, steal and hustle his way to survival and beyond. It has a good soundtrack and a some solid acting performances, especially Peter Gerety as the U.S. Consulate dude and Kevin Hernandez as Driver’s juvenile sidekick. Whilst winner performances can’t cover for a loser script, there is thankfully no need since the script is solid.

Kevin Hernandez (left) and Fernando Becerril, Peter Gerety (right)


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