Limbo (1999, imdb) Warning: Synopsis blurb on IMDb is a big ol’ spoiler.
Directed by John Sayles

Limbo is a wonderful movie. More than decent™, it is a small masterpiece. If you enjoy well written, well acted and appropriately photographed character dramas, you will like this movie.

Writer and director John Sayles earns my heartfelt admiration for completely going against the grain of fast paced Hollywood trash movie formulas and creating something with it’s own spirit, tempo, and timbre.

The movie is spearheaded by the straightest face in the biz, David Strathairn. In my opinion it is his best performance, or best character, or best something else but the word best is appropriate for this movie. Also starring Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio (The Abyss, Scarface) and country music artist Kris Kristofferson. Mastrantonio is a traveling singer with a teenage daughter and David Strathairn is Jumpin’ Joe Gastineau with a bum knee, the setting is a struggling Alaskan town and the name of the thing is Limbo, enjoy.

David Strathairn, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio and Kris Kristofferson


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